Upgrade procedure of Printer firmware

Upgrade procedure of Printer firmware

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What is the printer firmware?

Printer firmware is a small software program stores in an on-board chip installed in a printer at the time of manufacture that administers basic printer functionality. The firmware helps the printer to communicate with the computer correctly. Most of the printers (ink and toner) have firmware. The different printer manufacturers release firmware updates periodically. It is recommended to install firmware updates. Before installing the update visit the printer manufacturer’s website and search the latest firmware for the particular model of the printer.

Why the firmware upgrade is important?

Firmware is beneficial and it keeps the printers running optimally. They are designed to add more functionality and improve the overall performance of the printer. It increases page print output and fixes bugs in the existing firmware.


Step One

First, use a search engine and search the firmware by typing the brand name, model number and mention “all firmware” in order to locate available updates. Or visit the manufacturer’s website and search with the model number of the printer and check the latest firmware version. If you find the newest firmware version; click on the download button and download the software at your computer.

Step Two
Do power on the printer and check the printer cable is properly attached to the computer. Make ensure the computer and printer has uninterrupted power supply owing to avoid damaging of the printer. Do not unplug printer cable or computer cable during firmware updates; this could reason permanent malfunctions of your printer.

Step Three

Make sure you log in to the computer with administrator privilege.  Run the firmware executable file and follow the on-screen instructions.  Do select the options correctly during the installation process. Most firmware updates files identify the printer model correctly; Wait until the firmware installation is fully done. After that, restart the computer and printer in order the complete the process.

Step Four

After the computer and printer turned on, look to confirm the firmware is properly updated or not. You need to enter the control panel on the computer and navigate the printer menu; then select and right-click the printer. Go to ‘Printer Properties’ from the dropdown menu and check the version number from the about tab. Make sure that the updated version number of the firmware is exactly the same as the downloaded version. If it does then your firmware update is successfully completed.  If this update is not successful, you may need to download the firmware file again and start the update process from the beginning.

If you want to keep updated the firmware of the printer periodically then visit the manufacturer’s website occasionally and search with the latest version of the firmware. Do stop the other processes running to your computer in order to avoid system freezes.


The firmware update does completely erase the older version of the firmware on the chip before replacing it with the updated version. Keep in mind that interruption of power during firmware update causes permanent damage to the printer.

Updating the firmware with an incorrect version renders your printer unusable. So download the correct file from the manufacturer’s website.